Giving space to all of it! (Less vocal guidance, more space)

Duration: 30 min This session is great if you'd like to give yourself some extra time and space to get into connecting with what wants to be released. I'm not singing along and am giving you a lot of free space to explore, guided by the piano. There is some spoken...

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Forgiveness session (less vocal guidance)

Duration: 32 min In this session I will only guide you vocally through the forgiveness steps, but I won't be singing along with you. This is great if you feel the need for some extra space to discover where your voice wants to go. To do...

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Coulda, shoulda, woulda

Duration: 47 min  Is there something you regret doing or not doing? Something you’re trying to push away because you can’t change the past, but that keeps coming back in your awareness?  In this session we’ll look more deeply at something we regret and the...

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